All that man builds is from the land. We often take it for granted, or even abuse it, and yet many unthinkingly and unknowingly pass the land by. What man finally does with the land will be the deciding factor in his survival. Land, the foundation of the nation, the basis of all wealth, the heritage of the wise, the thrifty and prudent, the poor man’s joy and comfort, the silent partner of man, the producer of food, fiber and fuel, the basis of factories,
the foundation of banks.


What do “YOU” Want When You Hire a Contractor?
A Contractor who:
1. is an industry leader.
2. has kept up to date with the latest technologies and equipment.
3. is and keeps employees educated in the service he or she is providing.
4. takes pride in a job well done.
5. uses quality materials and supplies.
6. will stand behind the quality of his or her work.
7. knows and follows state regulations.
8. is aware of safety concerns and issues.
9. dedicated to helping to control and improve our water quality for future generations.

MnLICA has Professional Contractor Members
The Minnesota Land Improvement Contractors Association provides its members with many opportunities to obtain additional training through:
1. Programs designed to improve their contractor skills and knowledge.
2. Workshops and seminars on safety training.
3. Conventions and tradeshows.
4. On-site training and demonstrations.